Arriva Denmark A/S

Information screens strengthen the sense of community

"We use information screens as a strategic management tool to create a common understanding of Arriva's business. The main objective of using information screens is to support our vision, mission and strategic objectives by sharing knowledge and celebrating achievements. We have 4,500 employees in 60 locations across the country working different shifts. Only administrative employees have access to our intranet, so it is important to have a communication medium that reaches everyone in the organization.

Arriva's information screens are located both centrally and locally, in places like garage workshops, bus- and engine drivers' lounges. A recent communications survey showed that 90 percent of employees are reading the news on our information screens three to four times a week, which makes us very pleased. "

Lene Mathiesen, Senior Communications Officer, Arriva Denmark A/S

Facts about Arriva Denmark and VisioSign: Arriva Denmark A/S has been VisioSign's customer since 2012 and has 47 information screens spread across 32 sites. Arriva Denmark A/S is Denmark's largest bus operator with services in most of the country.

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