Almost 80% of the largest companies in Denmark use VisioSign's solutions as part of their communication strategy.

Regardless of whether it is the companies' own staff who need to find out where the next meeting is, or the visiting guest should be provided with entertaining and interesting content, information screens are implemented wherever the demand for information is most needed.

Touch screens, Wayfinders and meeting room screens are all an integral part of communication strategies developed by VisioSign to provide access to effective, relevant and dynamic information.

A valuable tool

Information screens can be used as an effective tool to limit and optimize the allocation of available resources by relieving the employees of some administrative tasks. Messages can be quickly and easily conveyed to any target group from either a central source or from individual departments within the company, simultaneously. Furthermore, messages can be scheduled to appear in a given period or prioritized to appear at the top of the news items queue, when necessary.

Take a look at our 360° concepts for the corporate sector and discover advantages that information screens offer.


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